Meet Other Players International Hockey Tournament

Sunday, May 19 & Monday, May 20 2024

We are very happy to announce that we will organize our international tournament Meet Other Players again in May 2024!

This great tournament is for boys and girls (aged 12-14 years), playing top hockey or IDC in the Netherlands or high-level hockey abroad.

The past years we have welcomed teams from Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Spain and France. Dutch U14-teams of HDM, Pinoké, KZ, Spandersbosch, Gooische, Rood-Wit, Laren, Athena, Groningen, Hurley, Upward, Leonidas and Maastricht joined the tournament.

Besides high-level hockey, Meet Other Players is a fun tournament with a party on Sunday and an overnight stay with a host family in Vught.

Keep an eye on the website for an announcement on when registration will open.